What are the effects of iron content of quartz sand on glass bottles?

[ June 13, 2024 ]

The raw materials of glass often contain iron oxides. It has a bad effect on the production of glass. Especially glass bottle ware products, such as the iron content in the compound exceeds the requirements, the transparency of the glass will decline, and the glass products will be yellow-green. The quartz sand in the glass compound not only has a high iron content, but also the largest amount, so when the glass products have higher requirements, in addition to the purchase of quartz sand with a small iron content, if necessary, the iron should also be removed from the compound.

In the preparation process of the compound, it is possible to mix some foreign iron impurities, such as the iron mixed with equipment wear, equipment parts, nails, screws and other iron falling into the compound, broken glass mishandled into the iron and so on. Therefore, in the artificial material, it is best to install some permanent magnets or electromagnets on the screen, in order to remove the iron mixed in the batching process, this measure has played a better role in the production of iron removal, improve the transparency of glass products.