The details of the wine bottle you don't know show

[ June 07, 2024 ]

Wine bottle color: Traditional wine bottle colors are: champagne green light green, amber olive green and flint white. In theory, the use of white transparent glass bottles can reflect the essential color of wine, in fact, all wine after bottling, need appropriate cultivation, just the length of time. In the process of wine storage, ultraviolet rays will destroy the molecular structure of the wine, thus accelerating aging, the purpose of choosing colored wine bottles is to prevent the damage of strong light to the wine, therefore, the utilization rate of colored wine bottles is much higher than that of white wine bottles.

Among the many colored wine bottles, amber and green wine bottles have a protective effect on the wine, although the colored wine can block part of the ultraviolet light, but after all, it can not completely prevent the damage of ultraviolet light, so when storing wine, it is recommended to avoid direct light exposure, and it is recommended to put in the shade with appropriate humidity and temperature. At present, some white wine, rose and ice wine popular use of white transparent glass bottles, mainly to reflect the color characteristics of the wine. Traditionally, white wine, rose and ice wine are mostly suitable for drinking when young, not for a long time, and do not worry about the damage of light to the wine, so it does not matter if you choose the bottle at will.

The capacity of the wine bottle: At present, the usual wine standard bottle capacity is 0.75L, and the small capacity is 1/4 standard bottle (0.187L). The large capacity wine bottle has a capacity of 18L. The size of the bottle varies depending on the region or country, and the large-capacity bottle is used for some high-quality and long-lasting large-year dry red wines. In theory, the capacity of the bottle has a certain impact on the aging of the wine, mainly reflected in the aspects of alcoholization, oxidation and quality. Usually large bottles of wine inside the liquor capacity is larger, which means durable, which is also the main reason why large-capacity wine is popular.