Resource utilization potential of waste glass

[ October 13, 2020 ]

Glass wine bottles can be recycled and become glass products again after technical treatment. Shandong Jingna Glass Bottle stated that recycling one ton of waste glass can save 1,000 tons of standard coal, but less than half of the glass currently recycled may be used, which means that the resource utilization potential of waste glass is not small.

The cost gap between making new glass and recycling waste glass determines that recycling waste glass is an environmentally friendly thing. For example, for every ton of glass produced in the industry, 1,000 tons of standard coal need to be burned and 400 kWh of electricity is needed. In addition, a lot of ore is consumed. If the waste glass is recycled, it is processed for impurity removal, crushing, and purification. The glass can be reused easily, saving a lot of resources.